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Front was established over a decade ago based on the conviction that the sector needed more courage, entrepreneurial spirit and passion, as well as a clear vision of future investment trends. An investment approach like the one we follow at Front deepens the perspective, sharpens the view, boosts the courage and improves the accuracy of choices. Over the years, Front has developed, grown and sought new opportunities—where others have not yet ventured.

Front is a Finnish frontrunner in ETF-based asset management services, tailored structured products and alternative investments. Front is wholly owned by its personnel. We encourage our employees to take an active approach, continue to develop their expertise and keenly listen to customers. We want our customers to think of us as the most highly appreciated service provider in Finland.

Hannu Kananen

chairman, partner

Funds 23.05.2019

1D 1W 1M YTD 1T
Front Osake Sijoitusrahasto A1 -1.29% -2.21% -4.16% 11.13% 0%
Front Rohkea Sijoitusrahasto A1 -0.9% -1.49% -2.67% 7.99% 0%
Front Tasapainoinen Sijoitusrahasto A3 -0.65% -1.11% -1.94% 6.42% -1.88%
Front Maltillinen Sijoitusrahasto A1 -0.36% -0.62% -1.11% 4.03% -0.63%
Front Korko Erikoissijoitusrahasto A1 -0.15% -0.24% -0.45% 2.18% 0%


Market values

Name Last Price Change % Change